Forgiveness (What does it mean to you?)

For God so loves us all that He sent His son to die for our sins. This ultimate sacrifice made it possible for us to in a since get a clean slate. How do we use this chance to start fresh and can we learn to practice this form of grace? Of course we will never be as good at forgiveness as God but what can we do to ask for or to offer forgiveness and how do we go about doing it? What more do we need to do besides say I’m sorry or I forgive you? When you hurt someone, what do you do? When someone hurts you do you need to know all of the where, when, why’s before you can forgive. From your experience does knowing everything helps you to forgive or does it in some way hender your willingness to completely forgive? Do you live by the motto “I forgive you but?” Or have you learned to accept an apology without each complete detail knowing that too much information may just piss you off so you let go and let God deal with what you can’t. What does forgiveness mean to you?

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