I Repented Yesterday


I repented yesterday

So for now it's all good

I heard someone was going to step to me wrong

It's ok, I wish he would


I repented yesterday

Do I really need to do it again

God knows I have a good heart

And I don't mean to sin


I repented yesterday

But today I called someone out of their name

They know I wasn't serious

And that it was all just fun and games


I repented yesterday

For my words and my thoughts

Since no one was hurt

Was anything really lost


I repented yesterday

For my attitude and behavior

I know I need to work on them both

I will sooner or later


I repented yesterday

Why make everything a big deal

For no one is perfect

Like they say, let's keep it real


I repented yesterday

Though I don't have much cash flow

I bought something for myself

Instead of planting a seed to sow


I repented yesterday

Lord your grace is still needed

So I repent again today

While things remain a secret


I repented yesterday

Before all things are exposed

I ask for forgiveness now

And that you make friends out of my foes


I repented yesterday

Through Christ I learned how

For my wrong thoughts, actions, and words since

Lord please forgive me now

Written by Anonymous Sinner

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