Tic Toc

Tic Toc

Tic Toc, Tic Toc
You can't stop Gods clock
In time all will be revealed

All the sorrow and pain
Through drought and rain
The light of Christ will shine and heal

Tic Toc, Tic Toc
Do you want your burdens dropped
Have you looked to your father in heaven

In order to rest
You must finish this test
My advice, you must keep steppin

Don't finish, just to be done
For the race is not won
By all that reach the end

It is won by those
Wise enough to know
To turn to Christ for forgiveness of sins

Tic Toc, Tic Toc
It is not too late
But time is winding down

Because no one knows
The exact time or date
I suggest you accept Christ now!!!

Written by Anonymous Sinner

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