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Tic Toc

Tic Toc

Tic Toc, Tic Toc
You can't stop Gods clock
In time all will be revealed

All the sorrow and pain
Through drought and rain
The light of Christ will shine and heal

Tic Toc, Tic Toc
Do you want your burdens dropped
Have you looked to your father in heaven

In order to rest
You must finish this test
My advice, you must keep steppin

Don't finish, just to be done
For the race is not won
By all that reach the end

It is won by those
Wise enough to know
To turn to Christ for forgiveness of sins

Tic Toc, Tic Toc
It is not too late
But time is winding down

Because no one knows
The exact time or date
I suggest you accept Christ now!!!

Written by Anonymous Sinner

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I Repented Yesterday


I repented yesterday

So for now it's all good

I heard someone was going to step to me wrong

It's ok, I wish he would


I repented yesterday

Do I really need to do it again

God knows I have a good heart

And I don't mean to sin


I repented yesterday

But today I called someone out of their name

They know I wasn't serious

And that it was all just fun and games


I repented yesterday

For my words and my thoughts

Since no one was hurt

Was anything really lost


I repented yesterday

For my attitude and behavior

I know I need to work on them both

I will sooner or later


I repented yesterday

Why make everything a big deal

For no one is perfect

Like they say, let's keep it real


I repented yesterday

Though I don't have much cash flow

I bought something for myself

Instead of planting a seed to sow


I repented yesterday

Lord your grace is still needed

So I repent again today

While things remain a secret


I repented yesterday

Before all things are exposed

I ask for forgiveness now

And that you make friends out of my foes


I repented yesterday

Through Christ I learned how

For my wrong thoughts, actions, and words since

Lord please forgive me now

Written by Anonymous Sinner

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Why Can't I Be Blessed



Why can't I be blessed?
Others around me have a job, a house, a car
I could've done that job better than them
But the bus stop was too far

Why can't I be blessed?
It seems your love for them is greater
I know there are things required of me
And I will get to them later

Why can't I be blessed?
I'm a good person, Lord can't you see my heart?
I know I should pay my tides and offerings
Once I get more money I'll start

Why can't I be blessed?
Do I not matter, is everyone more important than me?
I will pray later when things slow down
Right now I'm kind of busy

The Lord said
I blessed you this morning when I woke you with a touch
Because I found the time
I blessed you before you were even born
With blood from the Only Begotten Son of mine
I blessed you with free will
And ability to do what you can do
And yet still you are too busy, to even say Lord thank you
I've blessed you in many ways
One is to claim things in my name
But to shout "I am your Lord" to the world
You seem to be ashamed

But when it's all said and done
Time for me you have none
You wont seek my face, or call my name
I have more blessings for you
But there's something that you must do
You must realize that


written by Anonymous Sinner

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Forgiveness (What does it mean to you?)

For God so loves us all that He sent His son to die for our sins. This ultimate sacrifice made it possible for us to in a since get a clean slate. How do we use this chance to start fresh and can we learn to practice this form of grace? Of course we will never be as good at forgiveness as God but what can we do to ask for or to offer forgiveness and how do we go about doing it? What more do we need to do besides say I’m sorry or I forgive you? When you hurt someone, what do you do? When someone hurts you do you need to know all of the where, when, why’s before you can forgive. From your experience does knowing everything helps you to forgive or does it in some way hender your willingness to completely forgive? Do you live by the motto “I forgive you but?” Or have you learned to accept an apology without each complete detail knowing that too much information may just piss you off so you let go and let God deal with what you can’t. What does forgiveness mean to you?

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Water In My Eyes



I was taught a man should be strong

Not letting his feelings show

Even though nothings wrong

Sometimes tears start to flow


It was something I heard

While the preacher taught the word

That allowed me to clearly see


Through the scripture he chose

A truth was exposed

God cared for me


Am I truly blessed

The answer is yes

This much I know is true


That life is full of tests, according to your faith

What He's done for others

 He'll do for you


There's a cure for addictions "In the blood"

It's always been there, in plain sight

At first I couldn't find it, in Gods word

Because I wasn't reading it wright


I prayed for a better understanding

And God answered my prayers

He sent books to read and preachers to teach

Just to show He cared


That I was in a bad situation

For the devil had me bound

I was once lost to addictions

Because of Gods grace I've now been found


To God I give praise and  thanks

The devil will no longer be my demise

I'm so grateful, there's nothing wrong



written by Anonymous Sinner


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Lord Who AM I

Lord Who Am I


Lord who am I
That you would love
Enough to send your son

As if I was important
As if I mattered
As if I was someone

Lord who am I
That you would watch over me
As I went through my test

Always by my side
Never late with a delivery
Of a way out of my mess

Lord who am I
That you would stand by
And watch me as I smoked crack

Not there to judge
But to only show love
While asking "Are you done with that?"

And when I said yes
Lord I need your help
You were already reaching out your hand

You said, I was always here
Welcome home my child
Your down, let me help you stand

Lord who am I
That you will never leave me
Even when I was wrong

The Lord said
You are my child
That was once lost
And I sent my Son to bring you home.

written by Anonymous Sinner


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