Hello and welcome to Anonymous Sinners, I am the creator of this site. Someone that has made and will continue to make mistakes. I was raised in church and at the age of 12 I started straying away from church and started getting into drugs and alcohol. This spiral into the world of drugs and alcohol would continue to get worse over the next 30 years of my life. I went from drinking beer and smoking weed while having a place to stay to being homeless, smoking crack cocaine and drinking anything available. It was the memories of a savior that I learned about as a child that would help me later in life once I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. A savior that would show up one day 30 years later while I was smoking crack in a vacant building and having chest pains. After trying and failing many times on my own to get my life back on track my savior Jesus Christ made a way for me to get into a drug and alcohol program on June 6, 2006. I am grateful for the treatment I received and this is my way of spreading a message of hope to others that may be going through some of what I experienced. Some of my sins took me into the world of drugs, and alcohol, and although my savior has helped me to overcome drugs and alcohol I am still a sinner. I understand that all of us are sinners although not all of us share the exact same sin. What we do share is a savior that is willing to forgive us if we would seek Him and ask for forgiveness. I believe that we are also obligated to share some of the experiences that we have overcome through Christ so that we can give hope to others that may be going through similar experiences. I am also aware that although testimonies may give hope to others that everyone does not feel comfortable at public speaking so this site is for ALL sinners to express their thoughts, share their stories, and offer prayer and support to one another. May God bless you and yours.